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AED Philips FRx Adult Electrodes

AED Philips FRx Adult Electrodes


The AED Philips FRx Adult Electrodes are essential accessories designed specifically for the Philips FRx automated external defibrillator (AED).


These electrodes are intended for use on adult patients in need of immediate cardiac intervention. The FRx Adult Electrodes are equipped with SMART Analysis technology, which allows the AED to quickly assess the patient’s heart rhythm and determine whether a shock is necessary.


The electrodes feature an intuitive design with clear diagrams and placement instructions, enabling even untrained individuals to effectively apply them in emergency situations. With their reliable adhesive properties and durability, these electrodes ensure optimal contact with the patient’s skin, facilitating accurate monitoring and delivering a potentially life-saving shock if required.


The AED Philips FRx Adult Electrodes are a crucial component of the FRx AED system, offering confidence and peace of mind when it matters most.