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Are you interested in becoming a Kore Life Partner? At Kore Life, we are focused on providing all the supports, education, resources and services our Senior community and their caregivers may need as they progress through the aging journey. Are you a service Provider that addresses any of the below needs? If so, please get in touch by phone or email to discuss.

Partnerships with medical facilities, healthcare providers, and telemedicine services to offer comprehensive health care, including preventive, acute, and chronic care specifically tailored to senior needs.


Collaborations with tech companies to provide innovative solutions that enhance the daily lives of seniors, including assistive devices, health monitoring systems, and user-friendly communication tools.


Lifestyle Management:
Services that assist with daily living activities, personal care, and overall lifestyle management to maintain independence and quality of life.


Legal and Financial Services:
Expert advice and assistance in estate planning, elder law, financial planning, and retirement management to ensure financial security and legal protection for seniors.


Fitness and Wellness:
Programs focusing on physical health, including fitness classes tailored for seniors, nutritional planning, and wellness initiatives that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.


Home Care:
Home health care services, including nursing, therapy, and home aide services, ensuring seniors receive professional care in the comfort of their homes.


Additional Areas:
Services like social and recreational activities, educational programs, and community engagement opportunities, all designed to enrich the lives of seniors.


We look forward to connecting with like-minded service providers to continue to expand on the services we can offer our engaged community.


Give us a call at 1-844-744-5673 or via email at 

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